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Winter holidays in the Montafon valley

Ernest Hemingway waxed lyrical about the fascinating mountain environment of the Montafon valley all those years ago. He was one of the first to conquer the mountains in winter as well with the skiers.Since then much has happened and today the Montafon valley is one of the leading ski regions in the Alps.


But from the Fernblick Hotel in particlar some quite different winter adventures beckon to our guests, for example, winter walking, nordic walking, snowshoewalking, walking the alpine meadows amongst many others.


The magnificent panoramic location of the Fernblick Hotel makes your winter holiday animpressive experience. The unique backdrop alone, which you can enjoy from practically every corner of the hotel, is awe-inspiring.

More than seven hours of sunshine – even on the shortest day of the year – are guaranteed to put a stop to any hint of seasonal affective disorder.All around winter walking paths are available to romantic alpine meadows or magnificent viewpoints.


Experience the winter in its diversity, this is what a holiday in the Fernblick is for: enjoying the wonderful view, the splendid sun, particularly in combination with our  Beauty&Spa Range of Treaments



  • 20.12.2018

    Pfüat di, 2018! - Und wieder geht ein Jahr zu Ende. 2018, du hattest deine Höhen und Tiefen, du w ...

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