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A symphony for all the senses

Creations from our festive dining menu won't just tempt your taste buds.

The phrase "feast your eyes" will take on new meaning in all sorts of ways.For one thing, Head Chef Andreas Zudrell and his team conjure up the most exquisite dishes. For another, the interiors of our restaurants and bars are a delight to behold. And the view from the windows - out over Montafon with its sparkling mountain peaks is a fascinating accompaniment to any meal.And when Karl-Heinz Zudrell brings you his wine recommendation, your first glance into the glass tells you right away that a fragrant bouquet is going to pamper another of your senses.


Restaurant – culinary heights

Take a seat in our new restaurant "Festgedeck" and enjoy both the picturesque alpine panorama of the Montafon and our delicious light cuisine. Chef Andreas Zudrell's delectable culinary creations draw on natural products from local farmers as well as international specialties. Look forward to indulging your palate to gourmet delights at Fernblick.



Timeless Comfort

For as long as there has been the Fernblick comfort has been our speciality.
Our grandparents Elisabeth (Ahna) and Franz-Josef Zudrell invested much love in their "Fernblick". Two parlours – the Elisabeth and the Franz-Josef parlour – symbolise this.
With just as much love we have managed to preserve these wonderfully old parlours for the new "Fernblick". Today they are the centre of the Fernblick Lounge and draw our guests, particularly in the evening after dinner, to sit down for a cosy chat about old times and new destinations.



Socialize and relax in our lounge

Take a seat wherever you like: at the bar or in one of the many cosy sitting areas in Fernblick's comfortable lounge. Conversation, relaxation, dancing, enjoying – that's what our lounge is about. Connected to the panoramic bar and leading to the terrace, our lounge area is most guests' favorite place. There's always something going on in the lounge, and you can enjoy coffee, tea, soft drinks, cocktails and much more all day long – magnificent view included.


The Fernblick Lounge

At one and the same time both a meeting point and a place to retreat to this can only be our Fernblick Lounge. There is always something going on here. This is where the Fernblick’s heart beats. Cosy corners and parlours, plenty of room for everyone and this unique view out into nature make the Fernblick-Lounge a favourite place for our many guests. It is only a few steps from here to the most beautiful viewing terrace of the Montafon valley. Take and seat and enjoy.



Fernblick's wine treasures

Karl-Heinz Zudrell's culinary finesse is ideally complemented by his wine expertise. Our collection of fine wines features treasures from around the world, selected for your enjoyment. Take advantage of your stay at Fernblick and enjoy one of our wine tastings!


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